Affordable Health Insurance for a Small Business Owner

health insurance for small business

Unfortunately because my blood pressure levels is high this specific under control with medication I was declined for regular short term health insurance for small business.  We already paying a huge amount of money for my wife's health insurance for small business and if I go having a plan like hers we'll be paying about $600 for temporary health insurance for small business. 
My wife requested All Kids state health program to deal with, however it can take around 45 days for them to approve you or even get back to you and let you know if you were approved. 
A friend of mine explained that my wife and I could probably also get health care through the state.  So I will look in fot it.  We will be out of money in several months if we must pay over $600 monthly for health insurance for small business
Right now I have only one interview aligned which shows that this is not a good time to be job hunting.  Hopefully an interview goes well.